Released June 16, 1998

NLHC announces tender call
for sale of residential properties in Stephenville

Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC) is inviting tenders for the sale of 9.8 acres (3.97 ha.) of residential property in the Maryland Drive area known as Phase I in the Town of Stephenville. Companies may bid on the raw land "as is," with an option to bid on an additional 4.2 acres (1.7 ha) in Phase 2 and 8.1 acres (3.3 ha.) in Phase 3. A joint announcement was made today by Art Reid, minister responsible for Housing, and Kevin Aylward, MHA, St. George's-Stephenville East. 

"The proposed sale of this land will provide an excellent opportunity for many private sector developers. This tender call is keeping with government's plan to bring forward more opportunities for the business community to become involved in the development of corporation land," Mr. Reid said. 

"The development demonstrates that the province has confidence in the Stephenville economy," Mr. Aylward said today. "The Maryland Drive project will generate increased economic activity for the Stephenville area." 

This three-staged development, located on Maryland Drive extension and associated roads, is zoned for single or semi-detached dwellings, and comprises approximately 86 lots - 37 in Phase I, 19 in Phase 2 and 30 in Phase 3. 

The successful bidder is responsible for all future development of land including provision of services such as connecting external water and sewer mains and roads and internal development of streets, sidewalks, all storm management and open space related to the development. 

Bidders are required to submit with the tenders a five per cent deposit in the form of a security deposit. NLHC will be accepting tenders at its Stephenville office, located at 58 Oregon Drive. Anyone interested in submitting a tender may obtain an information package setting out the conditions of sale by contacting the sales branch, NLHC's regional office at (709) 643-6826. Tenders will be accepted until 12:00 noon, Newfoundland time, Friday, July 3, 1998. 

For further information, contact: 
Jenny Bowring, Corporate Communications 
Telephone:  (709) 724-3055