Released December 3, 2007

Modernization and Improvement Work Completed on Barachois Street Social Housing

Exterior renovation work has just been concluded on 10 social housing dwellings located on Barachois Street, in St. John’s. Eastern Siding Systems Inc., who was awarded the $198,516 contract in July 2007, has now completed this project. The announcement was made today by the Honourable Shawn Skinner, Minister Responsible for Housing and Minister of Human Resources, Labour and Employment, and Sheila Osborne, MHA, St. John’s West.

"With the commitment made by government in the 2007-08 budget for upgrading and renovation of Newfoundland Labrador Housing houses, we will continue to see building transformations such as these throughout the province," said Minister Skinner. "With the increased funds this administration has provided, Housing will be able to upgrade all its residences much more quickly and efficiently."

In past years, Housing’s annual modernization and improvement budget province-wide has been $4.5 million. However, the Provincial Government’s current investment will bring the annual expenditure up to approximately $10 million per year, for the next five years. Refurbishments range from exterior siding and cladding, roofing, doors and windows, to electrical upgrading, flooring, installation of ventilation systems, as well as interior and exterior painting.

"I am delighted to see this work being carried out on Housing residences throughout the city," said Mrs. Osborne. "It is certainly making a noticeable difference in our neighbourhoods, and tenants are very pleased with the revitalization this work brings about."

This current work entailed replacement of exterior siding, roofs, windows and doors on these dwellings. Renovations began in mid-July and have recently been concluded. Newfoundland Labrador Housing is the province’s largest landlord with approximately 5,700 non-profit social housing residences province-wide. The majority of these accommodations are 25 – 50 years old and house an estimated 14,000 individuals.

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