Released August 15, 2006
Revised August 31, 2006

  NLHC continues its residential oil tank replacement

Paul Shelley, Minister of Human Resources, Labour and Employment and Minister Responsible for Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC), and St. John’s North MHA Bob Ridgley, announced today a fuel oil tank replacement project in St. John’s. A $70,000 contract was awarded to Forbes Street Holdings for work in the Stabb and Mitchell Court area of the city.

“The province-wide tank replacement plan will help reduce the potential for environmental damage caused by oil leaks,” said Minister Shelley. “I am pleased that NLHC has moved forward with phase two of the project. This will result in the replacement of 55 residential fuel oil tanks in addition to 17 tanks installed previously this year in the Stabb Court area.”

Area MHA Bob Ridgley commented: “This is important work, and I applaud NLHC’s proactive approach to prevent future oil spills which in turn will help preserve our environment.”

As well, during this fiscal year, the corporation installed 56 residential tank systems in various other non-profit social housing developments throughout the city. As required under government regulations, NLHC anticipates replacing all of its 2,500 litre capacity fuel oil tanks by the April 1, 2007 target date. The current project began July 21, 2006 and will be completed by the end of September 2006.

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Manager, Corporate Communications
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