Released May 11, 2004

Governments Announce Extension
of Renovation Funds

The three-year extension of the federal Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) and related programs, between the Governments of Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador will continue to help low-income households including seniors, persons with disabilities and Aboriginal people repair their dwellings to minimum health and safety levels. In Newfoundland and Labrador, this program is delivered under the Provincial Home Repair Program (PHRP). 

This program, cost-shared between the federal and provincial governments, approximately $12.41 million will be provided through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) over the next three years. In 2004/05, Newfoundland and Labrador will supplement the federal government’s contribution for program delivery by approximately $4.0 million. The program provides funding to repair and improve the accessibility of the housing stock in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

The announcement was made today by the Honourable John Efford, Minister of Natural Resources and the Honourable Joan Burke, provincial minister responsible for Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation. 

“The Government of Canada, through CMHC, is committed to rehabilitating housing in need of repair for low income households,” said Minister Efford. “This is an important part of our national affordable housing strategy to preserve and enhance the existing housing stock. It is also an effective and responsible way of supporting sustainable development through the rehabilitation of existing buildings.” 

“This province has always valued a cost-shared renovation program that would allow us to assist low-income homeowners,” Minister Burke added. “We are very pleased with the federal government’s three-year extension to the program.” 

The funding continues RRAP’s 30-year legacy of effective, flexible partnerships with provincial governments, to cost share and deliver the federal/provincial repair programs.  The 2003 program renewal was based on an evaluation and national consultation on ways to enhance the program. 


For more information: 
Jenny Bowring 
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Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s existing renovation programs, which help low-income Canadians, were extended by $384 million. 

Improvements to the federal renovation programs were implemented recently to ensure the program is more effective in serving those most in need, including low income Canadians living in substandard housing, seniors, persons with disabilities, Aboriginal people and victims of family violence. The changes were made following consultations and an extensive evaluation of the renovation programs. 

The changes provide for an increase in maximum assistance limits based on current housing renovation costs and for a change in the calculation of total household income in recognition of the additional costs faced by persons with disabilities. 

Provincial Home Repair Program Components

Provincial Home Repair - Homeowner 
This program provides up to $5,000 per unit ($6,500 in Labrador) in assistance to low-income homeowners, who own and occupy substandard housing, to enable them to undertake emergency repairs or to bring their dwellings up to a minimum level of health and safety. 

Provincial Home Repair -  Persons with Disabilities/Seniors
This program provides up to $5,000 per unit ($6,500 in Labrador) in assistance to homeowners and landlords to modify existing buildings to accommodate low- income persons with disabilities, or to pay for minor home adaptations that will enable low-income seniors to live independently in their homes. 

Provincial Home Repair Program - Rental/Rooming House
This program is targeted to non-profit community-based landlords of affordable housing to pay for mandatory repairs to units and beds occupied by low-income tenants. 

Shelter Enhancement Program
The program assists in repairing, rehabilitating and improving existing shelters for victims of family violence; and in acquiring or building new shelters and second- stage housing where needed. 

Conversion RRAP
This program provides financial assistance for the conversion of non-residential property into units or beds to create affordable housing for low-income households. 


For further information, contact:

Jenny Bowring
(709) 724-3055