Released April 14, 2003

Minister attends National Housing Conference

Oliver Langdon, Minister Responsible for Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC), announced today that he will be joining his counterparts  at the upcoming National Housing Conference in Winnipeg this week.

The three-day conference which is scheduled for April 14-16, 2003, will consist of round table discussions on a number of key issues. These issues include implementation and long-term strategies for affordable housing, cooperative housing and renovation program renewal.

“Affordable housing and strategies to address this issue is a priority throughout the country. This opportunity to gather with our provincial and federal colleagues and discuss all of our particular housing needs and share ideas and experiences is invaluable,” said Mr. Langdon. “I’m confident this will prove to be informative and beneficial for everyone participating.”

He also noted that the federal government in its most recent budget announced several major national housing initiatives and that this meeting will provide the opportunity to discuss how these initiatives can meet the needs of individual provinces and territories and integrate with ongoing provincial programs.

Minister Langdon further noted that the province’s continued investment in social housing and assistance for low-income home-owners was reaffirmed in its most recent budget. Through a sustaining grant of $11.1 million to NLHC, the province made provision for the continuation of the Provincial Home Repair Program and the corporation’s various social housing initiatives throughout the province.


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