Released May 15, 2003

Minister congratulates NLHC seasonal workers

Oliver Langdon, Minister Responsible for Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC), expressed his congratulations today to 18 of NLHC’s seasonal workers who have just completed a Maintenance Repair Training Program through the Carpenters’ Training Institute, in St. John’s.

“My sincere congratulations to all of the participants of this very successful initiative,” said Mr. Langdon. “NLHC is committed to creating an environment that fosters open communication, creative thinking and respect for employee input. We feel having the best possible employee/management partnership means having well-trained, flexible staff able to respond to a full range of client maintenance needs, which benefits everyone.” The minister added: “Many thanks also go to the staff and instructors of the Carpenters’ Training Institute who played such a significant role in making this program become a reality.”

The project was initiated by a number of seasonal NLHC employees, who are also members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). The Institute then worked with NLHC’s Human Resources Division to design a program which addressed the work and maintenance requirements of the corporation. Once developed, there was such interest in the program, that it was decided to expand it to include a larger number of seasonal employees.

Commenting on the initiative, Wayne Lucas, President, CUPE Newfoundland noted: “This has been a great venture, and in our opinion, an excellent model for any workplace to follow. We want to extend our congratulations to NLHC and all the workers who successfully completed the program. We would also like to acknowledge Human Resources and Development Canada, who assisted the program by extending the living benefits of the participants to ensure they could continue with their training.”

The six-month program which ended May 15, 2003, covered a series of topics including: framing and installation of doors and windows; installation of siding and shingles; construction of stairs and decks; as well as drywall and plastering techniques. The training also included a number of safety certification workshops such as fall arrest and first-aid training.

This training became a reality through the commitment and support of NLHC’s senior management, the CUPE union officials and the willingness of various divisions throughout the corporation to share staff and financial resources. NLHC also assisted by providing work sites, tools and additional maintenance materials. 


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