Released October 26, 2002

Working to provide suitable housing
for Newfoundland and Labrador

Oliver Langdon, Minister of Municipal and Provincial Affairs responsible for housing will be making opening remarks at a non-profit and co-op housing seminar hosted by the Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC) at the Mount Peyton Hotel, Grand Falls - Windsor, on Saturday, October 26, 2002.

NLHC has hosted educational seminars for the volunteer boards of community-based housing groups throughout the province for five years. The first seminar for this year was held in St. John’s on September 7th with 60 participants in attendance. The scene was repeated on September 17th in Goose Bay. This is the third seminar, with a final to be hosted in Corner Brook on November 16th. It is also the first year that the federally-delivered non-profit and co-op housing groups have been in attendance. The objective of these seminars is to provide the volunteer boards that run the co-op, non-profit and seniors housing projects throughout the province with an opportunity to learn about matters relating to board responsibilities, such as administration, maintenance and budget preparation.  Along with the educational aspect of the conference, it provides an opportunity to meet and discuss common issues and concerns to better address client needs.

“The long-term commitment and hard work of these community-based groups has ensured affordable housing options continue to be available in communities throughout the province,” said Minister Langdon. “It is with the help of groups like those represented here today, that NLHC is able to achieve its mandate to provide affordable housing and contribute to an enhanced quality of life for the people of this province.”

John Vallis of the Harbour Breton Lions Club, Sunset Cottages, participated in last year’s seminar. He commented: “Seminars like the ones hosted by NLHC cover a variety of interesting topics from administration to insurance and fraud prevention. Given this range of information, it is hard to walk away from one of these sessions without learning something new. For many of the organizations in attendance, it’s a great opportunity to share experiences and pass along ideas that help us enhance the services we provide.”

Over 25 communities throughout central Newfoundland (Gander/Grand Falls - Windsor), as well as Marystown and Corner Brook were represented at today’s seminar. The work of these groups serve over 1400 people or close to 28 per cent of the community-based housing for the province.  To help maintain these particular groups, approximately $2.5 million in assistance is provided annually by NLHC.

Six volunteer boards, each celebrating their 20th anniversary this year were recognized. These include: Botwood Seniors Housing Committee; Eastport Peninsula Interfaith; Central Housing Co-operative;  Beothuck Housing Co-operative; Exploits Valley Housing Co-operative; all of Grand Falls - Windsor; and Crossroads Housing Co-operative, Gander.  Congratulations to all those who achieved this milestone.

“The volunteer efforts of these groups definitely enhance the quality of life for their tenants. Their professionalism and desire to help those in need establishes a high standard in community housing - a fact of which we can all be proud,” said Minister Langdon.


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