Released May 1, 2002

Recognizing our community volunteers

In celebration of Volunteer Week 2002, April 21-27, the Newoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC) hosted a Tenant Association Volunteer Breakfast earlier today, at the St. John's Hotel.  This breakfast was attended by Oliver Langdon, Minister responsible for housing and Leslie Dean, chief executive officer and chairman of NLHC.

"Events like these provide a unique opportunity to celebrate the generosity and caring of our volunteers," said Minsiter Langdon.  "Our communities are vibrant and stronger because people get involved, people like those we honoured today."

"The benefits of volunteering are two fold," said Mr. Dean.  "New volunteers gain valuable experience and communities gain guidance and leadership.  In the end these valuable assets benefits everyone, and the immediate community, our province and ultimately our country."

The volunteers honoured at the breakfast are members of the many NLHC tenant associations throughout St. John's.  These associations recognize the diverse backgrounds and needs of their communities, and work to provide programs and oppotunities not often readily available.  With the help of tenant associations, NLHC is able to remain in close contact with its many clients.  As a learning organization, these partnerships have become a valuable educational tool for everyone involved.

Special congratulations were also extended to Lilliam Parmenter, of NLHC's Wishingwell/Algerine Tenant Associaton and the MacMorran Community Centre.  Both received the Building Healthy Communities Volunteers Recognition Award from the City of St. John's.

For further information, contact:
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