Released September 28, 2001

Minister pleased with progress of 
home repair program

Oliver Langdon, Minister Responsible for Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC), commented today on the success of its Provincial Home Repair Program (PHRP) which has been very popular throughout the province. The program addresses the needs of low-income home-owners who require critical repairs to their homes or adaptations to permit accessibility and to alleviate difficulties in daily living. 

"We are quite pleased with the current status of the Provincial Home Repair Program. Progress to date indicates that the corporation has already provided $3.9 million in client grants as of mid-September 2001, compared to $2.5 million for this time last year. Some of these clients have received further assistance through low-interest loans. This funding has assisted approximately 1,500 home-owners with repairs to their property," Mr. Langdon said. "Corporation staff are currently processing other existing applications which will result in a further $3 million being issued to repair additional homes this season." 

"The funding this year, is being delivered to clients at a faster rate and earlier in the construction season to ensure that clients would be able to complete repairs before winter. By fiscal year-end, we anticipate attaining our target of $7.4 million in actual grant expenditures," the minister added. 

A portion of the budget has been set aside for emergencies. During the winter months, the corporation will continue to respond to these emergencies as they occur, and the regular delivery of the program will pick up with the start of the new construction season in the spring. 

The program, which had been enhanced to ensure a greater number of clients were served, has been instrumental in assisting low-income households with critical home repair needs. PHRP will improve living conditions for some 8,000 people throughout Newfoundland and Labrador over the course of the year. . 

For further information, contact:
Jenny Bowring, Corporate Communications
Telephone:  (709) 724-3055