Released October 3, 2001

Old Placentia Road and Ruby Line
Upgrading Near Completion

A $845, 000 contract to complete upgrading to a portion of Old Placentia Road and Ruby Line in Mount Pearl has been awarded to BCL Construction Ltd. of St. John's. The announcement was made today by Oliver Langdon, minister responsible for Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC). 

As part of the sale of the "Pearlgate Centre Property" in Mount Pearl there was a commitment to complete upgrading to a portion of the roads accessing the 35.9 acre site sold to First Gem Ltd. Canada Lands was involved with the sale of this property on a 75% (Canada Lands) and 25% (NLHC) basis. Upgrading of the roads is also a cost-shared project between NLHC and Canada Lands. 

The majority of the work will be completed by the end of November which includes 700 metres of widening and paving five traffic lanes(including a centre turning lane), medians, storm sewers, curbs, gutters and side walks. These improvements will meet the requirements of the original plan and complete the upgrading of Old Placentia Road ensuring safer and easier access for the residents of Westminister, Pearlgate Centre and Pearlgate East area. 

"It is estimated that $1.1 million will be spent on construction, engineering and landscaping," said Minister Langdon. "NLHC is committed to meeting community needs, through accessibility and safety. These upgrades provide an important service for all residents." . 

For further information, contact:
Jenny Bowring, Corporate Communications
Telephone:  (709) 724-3055