Released August 20, 2001

National housing conference
identifies need for flexible programs

Honourable Oliver Langdon, Minister Responsible for Housing met with his provincial and territorial colleagues in London, Ontario on August 15th to share information on how the jurisdictions are addressing the diverse housing challenges in all parts of Canada. On August 16th, they met with the Honourable Alfonso Gagliano, Minister responsible for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

The conference provided ministers with an opportunity to discuss a wide range of housing issues; however, much of the discussion focused on the federally proposed affordable housing program.

Mr. Langdon was pleased with the progress achieved during the federal/provincial/territorial meeting in which all ministers recognized the need for program flexibility which would allow each jurisdiction to address their specific priorities and develop a program that will work for low and moderate income Canadians. 

Minister Langdon said, “I look forward to working with the Government of Canada and the other provinces and territories to develop a program that will help us address our province’s needs in renovating or converting severely deteriorated structures and providing additional affordable units, where rental vacancy rates are extremely low.”

Minister Langdon noted that any comprehensive federal/provincial program must reflect the specific needs and challenges of individual provinces and that the major priority for this province is to ensure that low-income housing needs can be addressed effectively through the new federal proposal. 

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