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Media Releases 2015

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December 30, 2015
Roofing Upgrades Improve Mount Pearl Social Housing

December 29, 2015
Minister Announces 2015 NLHC Scholarship Recipients





October 29, 2015
Provincial Government Moves Forward on 10-Year Homelessness Plan

October 22, 2015
New Downpayment Assistance Program Supports Homeownership

October 21, 2015
Additional $1 Million Furthers Upgrades to Labrador City Social Housing



September 17, 2015
Retrofits Modernize St. John's Social Housing Properties



August 21, 2015
Renovation Investment to Improve St. John's Seniors Building

August 19, 2015
Upgrades Improve Social Housing for Three South Coast Communities

August 14, 2015
NL Housing Awards Contract for Duplex Renovations

August 10, 2015
Renovations Improve Social Housing Properties in Mount Pearl



July 31, 2015
Roofing Upgrades Improve Buckmaster's Circle Social Housing
New Affordable Housing Projects Receive Federal-Provincial Support

July 30, 2015
Renovations Continue on Social Housing in Coastal Labrador

July 28, 2015
Premier Announces Senior Appointment



June 26, 2015
Labrador Seniors Complex to Receive New Roofing

June 25, 2015
Social Housing Improvements Continue on Burin Peninsula

June 18, 2015
NL Housing Earns Recognition for Inclusive Housing Design

June 8, 2015
Revitalization Continues in St. John’s Social Housing Neighbourhood



May 29, 2015
Habitat for Humanity Families Celebrate Home Ownership



April 27, 2015
Retrofits Continue for Watson Street Social Housing

April 24, 2015
Minister Announces Three-Year Revitalization Plan for Social Housing in Labrador City

April 23, 2015
Upgrades Improve Social Housing Homes in Burin



March 13, 2015
Retrofits Modernize St. John’s Social Housing Properties

March 12, 2015
Roofing Upgrades Improve Labrador Social Housing

March 5, 2015
Exterior Renovations Improve St. John's Social Housing



February 26, 2015
Kitchen Upgrades Improve Stephenville-area Homes

February 24, 2015
NL Housing Awards $692,000 Contract to Upgrade 16 Homes

February 13, 2015
Further Renovations Improve St. John's Social Housing

February 11, 2015
Revitalization Continues in Brophy Place Neighbourhood

February 9, 2015
Finding Solutions to End Homelessness -- Provincial Government Accepts “Housing First” Approach

February 5, 2015
Labrador City Neighbourhood Upgrades Total $1.2 Million

February 4, 2015
Renovations Improve Quality of Life for Tenants



January 28, 2015
$167,000 Contract Supports Further Renovations to NL Housing Units

January 26, 2015
NL Housing Continues Neighbourhood Revitalization

January 22, 2015
NL Housing Awards Contract for Roof Replacements

January 20, 2015
Renovations Improve Wallace Place Homes in St. John's

January 2, 2015
NL Housing Makes Significant Progress in Social Housing in 2014
NL Housing Properties in Nain Receive New Oil Tanks